Don’t stop learning

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Investing in the realm of cryptocurrencies demands ongoing vigilance and a commitment to learning. Why? Because the market is abundant with numerous cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Both blockchain and cryptocurrencies are dynamic technologies, subject to constant evolution. Regulatory frameworks surrounding cryptocurrencies frequently undergo alterations. Furthermore, geopolitical, economic, and technological shifts can swiftly influence market dynamics.
That is why in the world of cryptocurrencies, constant learning is not only the key to success, but also a necessary condition for effective investment and preservation of one’s assets.

Presently, I’m crafting a long-range investment strategy that enables me to seamlessly integrate investing with my primary occupation.

When I first started, I watched various videos about cryptocurrencies on YouTube. But then I realized that systematic training is needed. After a friend’s advice, he signed up for the appropriate course at the Bybit Academy of the Ministry of Finance.
I can’t say that everything I watched on YouTube is not useful, but still, when you take the course, you are literally guided from beginning to end and told about such details of investing in cryptocurrency that you cannot find on the net.

Now, after the course, I am working on a long-term investment strategy, because it does not take much time. It allows me to combine investing and main work, which is very convenient.

I am also engaged in trading, but consciously. Now I use my free time with advantage, because the cryptocurrency market works around the clock.

Beginner investors should first of all pay attention to managing their emotions and controlling risks. What is important: before you decide to invest, you should first acquire knowledge.

Following this, you can initiate practice with a modest sum. Should errors arise, it’s imperative to dissect them to prevent recurrence in the future.

However, if you’re eager to invest with limited knowledge, consider allocating funds towards “blue chips” in the cryptocurrency market (such as BTC, ETH). These are akin to investing in stock indexes like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ 100, representing shares of sizable, liquid, and reputable companies boasting consistent income and dividend payouts. While they may experience occasional downturns, they typically exhibit sustained growth over the long term.
Of course, it is very difficult to predict when is the best time to invest (the lowest price), so invest in parts, for example once a month. Then you will get a good average asset price on par with the market guru.

Don’t get upset if you make mistakes – everyone makes them. If you read the biographies of famous investors, you will find failed decisions in each of them.

Success is actually a set of mistakes, on the basis of which a successful algorithm of actions is formed.